2022 황치열 청음회 < 우리, 봄 > 라이브토크 VOD 단품 상품은 hello82.tv 사이트에서만 구매가 가능한 상품이며,
MD 단품 및 VOD+MD 패키지 상품은 🌎hello82.shop 혹은 🇰🇷 hello82shop.kr 사이트에서 구매가 가능한 상품입니다.
상품 관련 문의 및 VOD 시청에 착오가 없도록 회원 가입 및 상품을 구매하신 사이트를 꼭 확인하시기 바랍니다.

예약판매기간: 2022.04.08 (금) 3PM - 2022.05.01 (일) 11:59PM

배송 일정: 2022.05.30 (월)부터 순차 발송

일반판매기간: 2022.05.02 (월) - 2022.05.26 (목) 11:59PM
배송 일정: 2022.06.30 (목)부터 순차 발송

*위탁판매자 : ㈜TVCC+
사업자등록번호 : 337-81-02350
배송 및 상품 관련 문의 tvccplus@tvcc.kr

**[6_PACKAGE-B (VOD+TUMBLER+FACE MASK+PHOTO CARD)], [7_PACKAGE-C (VOD 10+PHOTO CARD 10)], [8_PACKAGE-D (VOD 100+PHOTO CARD 100)] 상품을 구매하실 경우, 2022 황치열 청음회 < 우리, 봄 > 라이브 토크의 관람코드(액세스 코드)를 받게 됩니다.

액세스 코드(티켓) 2022.05.27 (금) 3PM 이후 이메일로 발송됩니다.
1. hello82.tv 회원가입 후 로그인 합니다.
2. 이메일로 받은 관람코드(액세스 코드)를 [My page > Tickets > ENTER CODE] 에 입력합니다.
3. 관람코드가 Tickets에 추가된 것을 확인하실 수 있습니다.
4. 이벤트 상세 페이지에서 라이브 이벤트에 입장 하실 수 있습니다.

2022 황치열 청음회 < 우리, 봄 > 라이브 토크


Pre-order Sales Period: 2022.04.08 (FRI) 3PM - 2022.05.01 (SUN) 11:59PM (KST)
Shipping Schedule: Sequential shipping from 2022.05.30 (MON) (KST)

General Sales Period: 2022.05.02 (MON) - 2022.05.26 (THU) 11:59PM (KST)
Shipping Schedule: Sequential shipping from 2022.06.30 (THU) (KST)

*A consignment seller : TVCC+
Business registration number : 337-81-02350
Contact about shipping and product : tvccplus@tvcc.kr

**If you purchase [6_PACKAGE-B (VOD+TUMBLER+FACE MASK+PHOTO CARD)], [7_PACKAGE-C (VOD 10+PHOTO CARD 10)], [8_PACKAGE-D (VOD 100+PHOTO CARD 100)], you will receive the access code of 2022 HWANG CHI YEUL [LIVE TALK + VOD].

Access code (Ticket) emails will be sent on 2022.05.27 (FRI) 3PM KST 
How to Watch
1. Sign up and log in to hello82.tv.
2. Go to My Page > Tickets > ENTER CODE to enter the access code sent to you by email.
3. You can check your tickets status in "Tickets" after entering your code.
4. You will be able to enter from the event details page once it starts!



한국 구매자 분들은 hello82shop.kr 이용 시 더욱 편리하게 구매하실 수 있습니다.
Korean customers can purchase more conveniently using hello82shop.kr.


Shipping Policy

  • The delivery date may vary depending on the type of product you ordered.
Please read each product page carefully to check when the shipping process will begin for your item(s).
  • Deliveries outside of Asia will take a bit more time because we must first ship products from Korea to our US warehouse according to order volume.
  • If your order contains items that have different marked sales periods, we usually wait until all items have arrived in the warehouse to send the items you ordered at the same time.
(The items in your order may still be shipped in separate boxes).
  • hello82 is not responsible for packages that are late, missing, or stolen in cases caused by the shipping carrier.
  • hello82 does not pay for any taxes or fees associated with retrieving your package from customs in your country. Please note that these taxes and fees vary by country and shipping carrier.

Refund/Exchange Policy

  • Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged, or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue.
  • We will only process damage/refund inquiries that are sent to us within 7 days of your order delivery date.
  • For missing/defective inquiries, you must provide an unboxing video including a view of the package as you received it and a detailed view of the product(s).
(Please note that if the missing or defective cannot be checked through the unboxing video, exchange or return is not possible.)* Refunds, exchanges, and returns will not be processed for the following:

    - Products that come with special experiences such as Video Call Events and showcases or livestreams have a strict no refund or cancellation policy after the end of the sales period.

    - Plastic covering and outer boxes are considered part of the packaging to protect internal items, so damage to those parts will not be considered.
    - For artist portraits, defects on the back of the item, excluding the portrait, will also not be considered as damage.
 Defects outside the artist’s portrait and minor defects that can only be identified through light reflection will not be considered as damaged.

    - For all claims, please send in an unboxing video with a full view of the package being opened and the contents inside. Claims will not be processed without an unboxing video.
    - Policy on exchanges and returns can be applied differently for each product, so please check the product details when purchasing.
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